Utility models for straw marquetry applied on HPL and Duropolymer®: Objet Particulier’s innovative character is recognized and protected.

We are proud to announce that Objet Particulier has been awarded the title of Utility Model for straw marquetry applied on HPL and on Duropolymer®. 

This title gives us the exclusive right to exploit our innovation: the application of straw marquetry on Duropolymer® and HPL. This ownership prevents others from manufacturing, selling or using this innovation without our consent.

HPL and Duropolymer® are versatile and very robust materials: they resist scratches, knocks, abrasion, chemical attacks and both are heat-resistant, characteristics that make them ideal for a wide range of applications in today’s interior architecture. We capitalize on these virtues by using these materials as support surfaces of our straw marquetry designs to create unique decorative coverings, making them easier to install and significantly extending the durability of the pieces in traditionally less favourable environments.

The alliance of tradition and modernity ensures excellence and refinement to the most exclusive interior and furniture design.

We thank the following organizations for their support: FYCIT (Foundation for the Promotion of Applied Scientific Research and Technology in Asturias) and the Regional Ministry of Science, Innovation and University of the Principality of Asturias.  

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