Mamen Diego, designer, is the central figure at Objet Particulier

Trained as an interior architect, she seeks to create lasting beauty in her design process, enriching it by developing new types of constructive or architectural efficiency.

“I decided to study traditional marquetry techniques when I discovered straw and galuchat, which are as luxurious as they are unknown. I was seduced by the idea of working with these natural and textured materials to create custom decorative coverings.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of using tools and materials from other trades as an “exercise in cross-innovation.” This passion inspired my thinking on the surfaces to be used as base materials: I wanted to give new value to ancient techniques and unique materials, which ensure a very aesthetically pleasing result, but which, due to the weight of their base materials, tended to detract from the functionality of the architectural proposal.

It is in this spirit that I founded Objet Particulier, whose objective is to promote the application of classic straw and galuchat marquetry techniques within the framework of unique interior design projects.”

Mamen Diego

Objet Particulier is a Spanish artisan atelier, located in Asturias, which stands out due to its ability to innovate while maintaining tradition, to create elegance from simplicity. Our desire to promote the use of marquetry led us to explore the use of new base materials. Thus, in addition to wood and MDF, we also use Duropolymer®, Solid Surface, or HPL as supports for our coverings. This increases the number of ways our creations can be used in modern architectural projects and provides you with

solutions featuring innovative characteristics
lightness · larger dimensions · ductility · flame-retardant properties · etc.

Our developments are recognized and protected by several utility models on the Spanish and European markets. We are in constant dialog with architects in order to create, according to their aesthetic and construction criteria, the unique piece that will enhance their residential or hotel design.

Wall panels, furniture, lighting, artwork, or decorative objects are some of the many applications based on our savoir-faire.



“We have developed our own working protocols: artisanal production techniques similar to those practiced in the 17th century, combined with application to base materials adapted to the present day, so that our decorative coverings meet the needs of modern interior design projects:

· easy installation and maintenance,
· durability and resistance to scrapes, fire, and moisture,
· lightness, minimal thickness, even in large sizes,
· flexibility and curvature,
· resistance to expansion and contraction.”

Ctra de Deva, 675 · 33 394 Gijón

+34  676 89 81 63

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