Environmentally Responsible Creations

In creating its decorative coverings, Objet Particulier uses only natural materials (straw, galuchat, parchment) from the agricultural or food industry. Likewise, we only use natural or widely recyclable materials for our base materials (wood, MDF, HPL, Duropolymer®, Solid Surface, etc.).

All of Objet Particulier’s internal processes, with regards to both production and logistics, have been designed with the aim of creating a virtuous and environmentally responsible circle that adds value to each of our creations:

· We use each animal skin as completely as possible in order to minimize raw material use.
· The water use required by our processes is almost nil.
· Energy use is minimal, since our processes are mainly manual.
· We internally reuse or recycle all scraps and leftover pieces from our own production in new creations.

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Galuchat comes from unprotected fish species, which are not in danger of extinction and which are part of the traditional diet of people who live in the same region. Its use for artisanal purposes thus gives new value to a material that would otherwise be discarded. Check out our applications of this beautiful and relatively unknown leather.
Straw is a product derived from agriculture production which is recycled with natural dyes, transformed, and, finally, applied for decorative purposes. Check out our wonderful creations in straw marquetry here.



Parchment is an animal skin that comes from the food industry. It is transformed through cleaning, stretching, scraping, and dyeing processes that make it a valuable material for artisanal creation, giving it new life. You can see some of our most recent pieces here.
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