Natural, Unique, and Luxurious Materials

We seek to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the textures, the excellence of the finishes, and the luxury of the details, as well as the functionality of the final result.

Our team of artisans prepares and works the straw, galuchat, or parchment with the utmost care, depending on the needs of each project.

Our decorative coverings bring a natural, distinctive sophistication to interior spaces.


Despite being a material that has been highly valued by leather craftsmen for more than three centuries, galuchat remains relatively unknown.It’s the name given to dogfish (shark) and ray skin, both of which come from the seas of Asia. It is an extremely durable leather, characterized by its ivory-colored pearls. 

Objet Particulier transforms and applies galuchat, alone or in combination with other materials, using the rules of leather marquetry. When creating coverings for panels, woodworking, furniture, or decorative objects, our artisans play with the thickness of the material, size of the pearls, colors, and textures in order to achieve highly elegant finishes that are just asking to be touched.



Straw marquetry, a decorative art that was very popular in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, had a resurgence in France in the 1920s. It combines the classic technique of wood marquetry with straw, an extremely simple material with countless qualities.

The silicon in the straw gives it the characteristic hardness and shine. It is rot-resistant and it does not lose its hue. Our creative vision draws on our technical mastery in bringing out all the beauty and elegance that this humble material has to offer.

We apply straw marquetry techniques to Solid Surface, Duropolymer®, or HPL, as well as to wood or MDF. This opens up a much wider range of applications that we’re able to offer.


Parchment is another material steeped in history, which emerged as an alternative material for writing at a time when papyrus was scarce.

Objet Particulier uses sheepskin or goatskin and, after transforming and dying it, uses it as a luxurious covering for curved or angular surfaces on panels, woodworking, furniture, or decorative objects.

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