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We work with interior design professionals to create custom pieces or decorative elements that will enhance their projects, in terms of residential, retail, hotel or yachting design.
Although the decorative value of straw or galuchat marquetry is undeniable, the innovative application of these natural materials onto HPL, Duropolymer®, or Solid Surface multiplies their architectural value, as well as the number of ways they can be used.

Our team of artisans prepares and works the straw, galuchat, or parchment with the utmost care. Each one seeks to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the textures, the excellence of the finishes, and the luxury of the details, as well as the functionality of our creations.

Below, you will find different categories of applications that we most often produce in our atelier. We invite you to browse them for inspiration. And please contact us to discuss your project!

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