Objet Particulier and the modernization of a classic: Straw marquetry in interior design

Objet Particulier lends new value to the historical techniques of exquisite straw marquetry. They innovate by applying it as a decorative covering on new, lightweight, functional materials, making them highly valuable to interior architecture professionals: HPL, Solid Surface, Duropolymer©, etc.

We thus multiply the possible applications of this decorative art in interior design projects: large-sized wall coverings and panels, furniture, artwork, decorative objects…

Objet Particulier designs and creates custom, artisanal coverings for interior design professionals by applying straw, galuchat, and parchment marquetry to interior architecture projects.

Straw marquetry had its heyday in the 17th century, mainly in France and Italy. The spectacular achievements of the era can be seen at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.  

Currently, only about twenty ateliers in the world are masters in this craft, and we are proud to be one of them.

Upon receiving the pre-dyed straw at the Objet Particulier atelier, our artisans split it down the middle and repeatedly flatten it “plioir,” a bone tool that is crucial to their work. In this manual process, the natural silica where to watch the hunger games is released, which gives our creations a totally natural shine, as well as great durability.

Each piece is checked, one by one, to eliminate sun spots, cracks, or any other possible damage.

Depending on each project, the pattern is custom-designed and a decision is made about which base material it will be placed on. The pieces are then cut one by one as required by the design of the piece to be made.

We use classic marquetry techniques to manually and delicately place and glue them edge to edge on the chosen base materials, creating patterns of shapes and colors or hues, thus transforming them into a sophisticated decorative covering destined to be part of the interior design project.

The added value of our atelier, in addition to its exclusive savoir-faire, is the variety of materials that we are able to use as base materials for our coverings.

We aren’t limited to just wood or MDF, but rather, we innovate using Solid Surface, HPL, or duropolymer as base materials, all of which are thinner, lighter, and more ductile.

This technical mastery allows us to expand the possible applications of straw marquetry in interior design, in addition to designing larger pieces.  Thanks to the functional characteristics of these new base materials, we have increased the constructive functionality of our creations, while simultaneously preserving all their beauty and sophistication.

We are just as excited as the first day to make your project concept a reality. Explain it to us and we will create it with you. Contact us HERE.

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