Yesterday and today

Each project is a new challenge and awakens our inspiration, whether it’s for retail, residential, hospitality, or yachting spaces.

The hallmark of our Atelier lies in its powerful creativity and technical expertise in bringing to life a concept conceived by a designer or interior architect.

We incorporate technical elements into our thinking that will facilitate the logistics and implementation of large-scale pieces: greater lightness, disassembly, etc., and we bring our expertise in materials.

We continue to be passionate about creating unique and singular pieces by hand, completely artisanal, characterized by elegance and character.

Today, we hope to pique your interest with unexpected examples of materials and techniques combinations:

  • straw embedded into Solid Surface
  • straw veneer applied to three-dimensional MDF
  • straw applied to metal
  • interwoven parchment and straw

Because marquetry has many facets…

Do you want to explore more? Are you interested in incorporating our creative vision into one of your projects? Then, get in touch with us.

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