Preserving the legacy that our forefathers have left us


A little patience in the immediacy world

Imagine, dream and ask for it. All of the pieces that are produced in our atelier are custom-made for each client.

Our production is 100% handmade with rare materials. In a world that asks for immediacy, we believe in slow processes that bring pieces that last forever, with materials that have incredible longevity and resistance.

Behind the Brand

The founders, Mamen Diego and Laura Atorrasagasti are mother and daughter seduced by the product design.

Mamen, with more than 17 years of experience as an interior designer, has always been attracted to the different materials used for furniture design, Galuchat, and Straws in particular

Laura has a business and marketing background, holding an IE Business School master’s degree in International Management. She has lived in different countries and worked in digital marketing and communication for various industries.