Elegance in Interior Design

Custom Made furniture and home accessories handcrafted with Galuchat or Straw Marquetry.

Restyle your place with Galuchat

Galuchat is one of the most beautiful natural materials ever in nature. It is a very special exotic skin composed by an upper layer pearl .

Its unique texture gives the piece an special finishing that cannot be easily found in other materials.

It took more than 3 years to access the quality of the skin that we were looking for in addition to select among the wide variety of skins, the one that we work with today.

Straw Marquetry

Sraw marquetry is the craft of creating a panel using well-flattened wheat straws. The process is entirely hand made in our atelier by our artisans.

It requires patience and a sense of taste, because the artisans have to select each straw to bring exquisite pieces to life.

The uniqueness of this material allow us to decorate any kind of surface: wall covering, headboards,mirrors, decorative boxes, tables, cabinets…

We are artisans

Our atelier located in Asturias, the natural paradise of Spain, is the place where our pieces are born. Our local artisans are specialist in the marquetry technique with natural materials. We work following ancestral processes that were used  in the XVI century by french master craftsman.

Behind the atelier

Mother and daughter that aim to give back the Spanish craftstmanship its worthiness making the difference working with unknown and exclusive materials.

Ctra. de Deva, 955
33394 Gijón. Asturias
+34 984 099 532

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